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Pharmaceutical Intermediate

Explore a range of pharmaceutical intermediates, each of the chemical compounds has different chemical properties and structures. These chemical compounds are produced on a large scale to meet the demand of pharmaceutical companies.

Technical Grade Acid

In the segment of technical grade acid, we have phosphoric acid that is appropriate for use in many processes. Some of them include industrial water treatment, metal treatment for phosphating, equipment cleaning, pH adjustment, aqueous-based paints, varnishes, and horticultural fertilisers.

Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemicals are mostly used as a fertiliser for alkaline soils. These are also used as an antiseptic liquid that is often used to treat cuts or other skin wounds and kill germs. Industrial chemicals are employed in non-medical contexts, such as for stain removal, cleaning, and disinfection.

Chemical Solvent

Chemical solvents are used as a rubbing-alcohol antiseptic when combined with water. These are also found in hand lotions, aftershave products, and other cosmetics. Our offerings are employed in industry as a low-cost solvent for gums, shellacs, medicines, cosmetics, and denaturing ethanol.

Inorganic Salt

Inorganic salts play a critical role in medicine as an electrolyte replenisher. These are mostly recommended to treat hyponatraemic patients' sodium levels. In a wide range of acidic environments, our offerings can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

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